Mis estudiantes comentan…

I am very impressed with Cintia’s dedication and preparation for each lesson. They are well constructed and varied. I come away from each lesson feeling that I have learnt something new and improved. I can highly recommend Cintia as a teacher of Spanish.

Julie, Australia

Learning Spanish with Cintia is very enjoyable. I have been learning Spanish with her for almost 2 years now and I have definitely improved a lot. Her classes are engaging and she makes sure you thoroughly understand what is being taught.

Jacinta, Australia

Gracias, Cintia, por todo lo que has hecho por mi. Con tu ayuda, mi fluidez en español se ha mejorado enormemente en el tiempo que nos hemos conocido. Me encantan nuestras clases. Siempre son más como conversaciones con una buena amiga que clases de maestra y alumno. Te lo agradezco mucho por el interés personal que me has mostrado y la ayuda que me has dado en alcanzar mi meta de ser bilingue.

Lee, USA

Learning Spanish with Cintia has been fantastic, she is patient ,articulate and puts up with my Husband and I laughing through most of our session, Highly recommend Cintia for anyone beginning, or refreshing on their Spanish journey.

Jules, Australia

I really enjoyed taking lesson with Cintia. I remember when I first started taking to her, I was really nervous because I had only been learning Spanish for about a month but she really put me at ease and I began to be comfortable talking with her. Over time, I saw myself getting better and better, and I had a lot of doubt in myself but she was very supportive and encouraged me to keep going. Over the years that we have been talking I began to feel more comfortable making mistakes, and so on and saw myself improve. I very much recommend anyone to take classes with her, because other than tutoring you, she just wants to help you to succeed in whatever goals you have. I promise you other tutors are not willing to do what Cintia is willing to do for you. I have even had times where we would spend more than allotted time just so that she could answer my questions. Take a lesson with her, you won’t regret it!

Seyid, USA

Cintia es una profesora maravillosa. 1. Ella tiene muchos recursos buenos en todo los temas confusos de español (por vs. para, ser vs. estar) 2. Ella sabe cómo obtener metas. 3. Ella sabe la diferencia entre aprender la teoría y la práctica de español. 4. Ella tiene muchos buenos videos para students a la nivel principiante aprender escuchar. 5. Ella vive en Australia y puede acomodar las horas que necesito tomar español (principalmente después 9 P.M. California tiempo). 

keith.hardwicke.pers, USA

Cintia es flexible, entendible, profesional, atenta, y dispuesta a enseñarte lo que quieras. Gracias, Cintia!

Wenwei 文匯, USA

Tuve mi primera clase con Cintia hoy, ella es muy simpática, y me dejó mucho la voluntad, y me dio consejos muy interesantes para mejorar mi español.

Douglas Valentim, Brazil

Cintia was great! Very patient and she tailored her speaking to suit my beginner level Spanish.

Aidan Mason-Mackay, Australia

Cintia is so lovely and helpful! She went out of her way to really help me with understanding things and was super patient throughout. I highly recommend her for anyone really looking to perfect their Spanish or who has doubts over seemingly complex grammatical points. She is such a wonderful teacher, she knows all the rules and is very helpful and encouraging at explaining them! I really look forward to our lessons.

Mary Katherine, England

It was a great first lesson, it inspired me to learn more to speak more fluently and confidently. I will book again.

Alfiya Laxmidhar, Australia

Clases con Cintia no solo son buenas, son muy agradables. Cintia simpre me pone sentir cómoda. Ella es feliz, amable y muy paciente. Ella es tan paciente que nunca me hace sentir como si tratara de ser paciente, simplemente lo es. Me gusta Cintia, ella es una buena profesora y tambien una amiga. 🙂

Sandy Austin, USA

I’ve studied with Cintia for months now, and she’s really a fantastic teacher. Always gives constructive feedback, while, at the same time, always gives you lots of time to develop your ideas and to talk. Highly recommended!

Lucas, USA

Cintia me ha ayudado mucho para mi viaje a Argentina. Ahora tengo más confianza y menos miedo. El tiempo siempre pasa muy rápido durante las lecciones! En mi opinión las lecciones así son mejores que las clases si ya sabes algo de español porque puedes aprender a hablar de cualquier tema naturalmente. Cintia es muy amable y simpática. Aprendí sobre Argentina y hablamos de temas interesantes. Estaba muy nerviosa al principio pero ella me hizo sentir mejor y ahora tengo más confianza 🙂 Gracias por ayudarme 🙂

Sophie, USA

Cintia is a great teacher with great advice for improving my Spanish. Mil gracias. Siempre aprendo mucho con Cintia. Mil Gracias. Highly recommended.

Bud Brown, USA

Excellent job working with my 3 year old daughter exclusively in Spanish!! Kept her on task and amused and speaking Spanish for a whole hour! Very impressed. We will book a package.

Lily, USA

Excellent trial lesson! Cintia encouraged me to continue speaking as much as possible with the vocabulary I had and offered corrections and vocabulary suggestions typed out in the conversation bar on the side. This was great for keeping up the pace of conversation while offering feedback at the end of each short topic.

Amy Chang, USA

She’s helping with my conjugation and vocabulary. She gave me great ideas of how to study on my own, and is specific to my problem areas. I’m already scheduling my next lesson!

Karen Morice, USA

Muchas gracias Cintia, excelente profesor muy paciente – hasta pronto saludos.

Lindsay, Australia

Como siempre, muy dedicada para ayudarme a mejorar mi Español. She is a true professional.

Paul Xmas, Germany

She was very helpful and patient. Will take more classes with her!

Leighton, USA

Muchas gracias – especialmente por tu energia y paciencia!

Paul, USA